Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Marketing & Media Rebels and what is its focus?


Marketing & Media Rebels is a marketing, communications and media consultancy building powerful brand, product, service, corporate and personal awareness.


We research, design and implement marketing and communications strategies that meet client’s expectations. We deliver strategies, plans & materials on time and on budget - achieving key company objectives & goals.

Who leads Marketing & Media Rebels and its projects?


Lazaro Hernandez is Head of Marketing and Communications and Lead Consultant at Marketing & Media Rebels.


Lazaro has worked at, and consulted for, top companies and brands worldwide. His expertise comes from working in 23 countries, including Australia, Brazil, Mexico, China & the USA.


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Does Marketing & Media Rebels work in specific industries?


Our expertise has been developed through years of successful work in many industries and companies globally.


Marketing & Media Rebels' experience has been gained working across industries and spheres such as health, medical, pharmaceutical, wellness, travel, tourism, hospitality, aviation, airlines, CRM & EDM, arts, movies, music, online & social media, and photography.